Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Inspiration Courtesy of NASA

Space Shuttle Discovery on final approach
I just returned from watching Space Shuttle Discovery fly overhead on her final flight from Kennedy Space Center to Dulles International Airport. I had the privilege of viewing the historic flyover with students from our Westfields Campus. I’m sure that I could have captured better photos from other places in the area, but then I would not have been witness to what this event truly encapsulated. Words fail to do justice to the shear excitement and joy that spread across each student’s face as Discovery and the Space Carrier made their first fly by. I watched as children and teachers alike started cheering. They ran to our playground’s fence hoping to get a final glimpse of the behemoth jet and her precious cargo. Simply put, there was an energy in the air. Every person, parent, child, and teacher had a smile on their face. Parents hugged their children, teachers hugged each other. I watched children giddy with happiness sharing their photos with each other and their teachers. Pure magic.
Children running for a final glimpse

Moved by the moment.
Discovery made two more majestic flyovers before landing at Dulles, each leaving me with goosebumps and filled with awe. Now several hours after the event I am still moved by the inspiration that the flyover provided to us all. The test of time will provide us the truth, but my best guess is that today’s historic experience has inspired more than one of our students to aspire to become an astronaut.

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